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Top Social Media Marketing leaders and influencers have layed out a 4 step plan, giving you the latest tips & tricks for your Jupiter Inlet, FL business' Social Media Marketing Strategy. In today's congested Internet environment, a business can’t survive without addressing the critical issues of online visibility and consumer interaction. No longer can an online marketing strategy be taken seriously without a solid social media presence. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Advertising are quickly evolving into one integrated tactic.


Red Frog SEO is an online marketing firm who specializes in SEO and social media marketing services. Here, you will find answers to fundamental questions about social media networking and an effective social media marketing plan.

Lee Odden of maintains that the answers lie in a better understanding of "searcher behaviors and how expectations have changed as part of the search and social networking experience."

When you consider the "shocking" amount of content being pumped out (27,000,000 pieces/day) to the ever increasing Internet world, getting found online can be a daunting task. In his Content Shock article, Mark Schaefer theorized that the web marketing world is at a point where "exponentially increasing volumes of content have surpassed our limited human capacity to consume it."

So how does a needle get found in the world wide web haystack? Set yourself apart from the Jupiter Inlet, FL crowd by following these four steps to a Social Media Marketing Strategy For Success!

Red Frog SEO - Identify Social Media Goals & Objectives#1 Identify Social Media Goals & Objectives for Jupiter Inlet, FL

The SMART approach is a fantastic strategy for fundamental goal setting. This approach is laid out by making sure your goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-accountable. Without goals, a business has no compass by which to gauge its success and no way of determining the return on investment (ROI).

Set goals that go beyond "feel-good" metrics such as "likes" or "retweets." Instead, focus on superior metrics like website traffic referred and leads generated. Any organization should incorporate the strategy of retaining customers and increasing brand awareness while reducing marketing costs.

Keep it simple at first. Having an overabundance of goals may distract, which increases the risk of achieving none! Instead, choose two principal goals and two secondary goals on which to focus. With a few clear objectives, one is more able to react promptly to social media campaigns that are not meeting expectations.

#2 Focus On The Right Social Networks For Your Business in Jupiter Inlet, FL

Red Frog has learned that just because a particular social network boasts of billions of users, it doesn’t necessarily mean it's the best platform for the objectives of Jupiter Inlet, FL businesses. We suggest, as an alternative to being "everything to everybody," focussing instead on social platforms that attract your target audience in Jupiter Inlet, FL.

Know that each network has both strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, every social media marketer should deliberately choose the right social networks for the company. Thus avoiding the inevitable waste of time caused by being in the wrong place and marketing to the wrong buyer.

Here are some of the most widely used social networks, and resources to give you a leg up when marketing from them.

Top Social Media Marketing Networks

Red Frog SEO - Focus On The Right Social Networks For Your Business Facebook: Of all the Social Media marketing platforms on the planet, none has the reach of Facebook. From this enormous platform, you can stretch into any demographic, and market your products or services globally, or use it to tap into your local Jupiter Inlet, FL market.

The platform is not without its challenges, however. For one thing, its sheer size means that you can run into the same “content density” issues you find on the web in general. Used correctly, Facebook Ad Marketing can be a game changer for any business.

Twitter: One of the most unique social networks on the planet, its inspiration, according to its creator, was the small bursts of communication that dispatchers use when they communicate with law enforcement and medical personnel. Given its inspiration, it should come as no surprise how it has developed its language and style. Twitter has an enormous number of automated tools, which will make establishing an active presence on this platform relatively easy.

With things like #hashtag research tools, and real-time alerts when certain keywords are mentioned, Twitter is a fantastic option for any Social Media Marketing plan!

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is unique among the major Social Media channels in that it primarily targets business professionals. You can think of this social network as a “B2B” oriented platform. A focus on Jupiter Inlet, FL marketing here will not only increase your bottom line, but it’s also a great place to expand your network of professional connections.

Note that the optimization of the LinkedIn profile is pivotal to the success on this platform. The more complete and robust -- the better.

Pinterest: As a social media platform, Pinterest has enormous potential for businesses. It is quite easy to build a substantial following provided that one has optimized Pins and Boards, and uploads a steady stream of high-quality images. Pinterest also has several excellent income generating opportunities, which could turn your Pinterest presence into a profit center in its own right.

Instagram: Since Facebook purchased this platform, Instagram’s growth has rocketed to more than 300 million users. There are more than 30 billion shared photos on the platform, with an average of 70 million new photos posted every single day! This environment, however, has some “must do's” that aren't found in other social media environments. Most important of which is to include relevant #hashtags, captions, and interact with content posted by other users.

#3 Create a Content Plan and Strategy to Attract Customers in Jupiter Inlet, FL

Once you’ve identified the platforms that are the best fit for your company, the next step is to create your Social Media Marketing Plan. A Social Media marketing plan is essentially a summary of all the things you plan to do, and every business objective you hope to achieve, as a result of your social media presence.

A central component of your social media strategy should be a periodic audit of your social media accounts, so you can measure both your progress while keeping tabs on your ROI. The most common mistake that business owners make at this stage is to treat their business profile pages like their personal profile pages. These are two very different things.

Red Frog SEO - Create a Content Plan and StrategyProfile pages for your Social Media business accounts need to be optimized to meet specific business goals. This means paying close attention to SEO (among other things) in order to drive more traffic to your social media properties. When implementing a strategy, one should take advantage of every automation tool that can be found, including automation tools used to schedule posts.

Be sure that every piece of content you post contains these three characteristics: Consumable, Shareable, and Engaging.

Consumable content is content that is easily digested. Short, to-the-point sentences as opposed to walls of text. Images in the place of words, when possible.

Shareable content is content that is fun, and excites the imagination of your visitor, compelling them to share it, extending your reach well beyond Jupiter Inlet, FL.

Engaging content is content that invites, and sometimes even provokes a conversation. It’s okay to be controversial (to a point) when posting content, provided that the controversy is appropriate to the tone of your client, company, or brand.

Make it a point to post about current events and happenings in the community. A great example of this would be Papa John’s “March Madness” post. This post received sixty comments in less than thirty minutes, which is a clear indication that the company knows their audience!

A critically important aspect of any Social Media Marketing Strategy is researching your competition. Here, your goal is to find out what’s working and not working for them. Not only does conducting a periodic survey of what they’re doing keep you up to speed on the activities of your competitors in general, but it can serve as inspiration for changes to your strategy as well. RivalIQ is an excellent tool for gaining insight into your competition.

Also, be sure to follow the moves and posts of industry influencers. There are a variety of tools you can use to identify Industry Leaders in whatever market you serve. Once identified, engage with these people. Susan Gunelius, of KeySplash Creative Inc., calls this the “Law of Influencers.” And don’t forget to “tag” these notables in your curated content.

#4 Evaluate, Track and Improve Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

Lastly, you won’t truly be able to begin to analyze and improve your marketing efforts until you’ve successfully put your marketing plan into action. That means implementing steps 1-3. Social Media Marketing is not a “once and done” process, but a continuous, unending one. There’s always going to be new content to create, more tests to conduct, and new things to try.

Red Frog SEO - Evaluate, Track and Improve Your Social Media Marketing EffortsAn important tool to add to your arsenal is the tracking of page visits driven by Social Media with Google Analytics. From the Google Analytics console, you can track and record your successes and failures, and then modify your Social Media marketing plan in response.

Tools like the Social Media Analytics tools developed by Sprout Social can enable you to track your progress. Remember that new Social Media networks are evolving all the time. Part of the evolution of your strategy has to be to take advantage of these new opportunities as they arise.

Flexibility is the single most important attribute you can build into your social marketing plans. Don’t look at the ever-shifting landscape as a problem. Instead, see it as an opportunity. Also, beware of “content fatigue.” It’s easy to create a few pieces of content now and then, but to consistently create content week after week, month after month can be a real challenge. To help combat that, don’t be shy about reusing content that proved successful in the past. James Scherer of the Content Marketing Institute says, “Rather than devote your entire life to making a single blog article that shines like the sun, my recommendation is to reuse your content intelligently."

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