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Local SEO Services for Davie, FL

Red Frog SEO gets your business listed in all major Internet directories. Local business search is a key part of any small business’ marketing strategy. Online directory listings for local businesses are fast becoming a marketing necessity. People no longer take the time to sift through the Yellow Pages for help; today more and more customers are swiping their smart phones to get local business information in Davie, FL. Did You Know: Over 54% of Americans have substituted phone books for searching local business information on the internet? This simple fact makes Local Directory Listings a must for any aspiring business start up or seasoned professional. And here’s the good news! Red Frog SEO has recently launched its local business directory software, called "Local Listings," that can make local online advertising in Davie, FL a cinch; even for Grandma Barbara's button business! Simply put, if your business is in need of local SEO services, then you've come to the right place.

So what are Directory Listings and how do they work?

Did You Know: Over HALF of local business listings have errors with address or contact information? Let's say you own a company, and you want a greater presence in the search results for the Davie, FL area. No problem, right. (Just kidding.. That was a hint of sarcasm. It actually can be very problematic). If you truly wish to bolster your local online advertising, then your business will need to be listed in all the local directories that have a presence in Davie, FL. What many business owners do not recognize is that there are over 60 standard online business directories with which your company can and should be listed. That is a lot of applications to complete and administrative logins to remember. Then after you have spent days and weeks registering for all of these business directory listings, you will then be required to slave for hours at-a-time, monitoring all these sites and performing the necessary manual updates that will be needed as your business grows.

Red Frog SEO's Local Business Listings Software for the Davie, FL area

Happy Red Frog SEO customer checking her new leadsRed Frog SEO's "Local Listings" service gives you the power to control all of your company information with a click of your mouse.  Update, analyze and track all your traffic from one convenient place. If you need to do a quick change of address or phone number, update your hours of operation or feature a new link to that incredible landing page you just designed, no problem. No more worrying about chasing down 60 different directory admin settings to make these changes. With Red Frog SEO’s easy-to-use Local Listings software, it’s as simple as type, click, done... Wow, that was easy!

According to Nick Wilson, an SEO blogger for audiencebloom.com, having consistent contact info across the web is vital to your business. "If Google detects even the slightest formatting inconsistency, such as displaying 'Rd' in one area and 'Road' in another, it could penalize you with a lower ranking."

With over 80% of smartphone/tablet users using their devices specifically to search for local business information, it's no wonder why local business apps like Foursquare and Yelp are so popular with consumers!

Local Internet Marketing and SEO Strategies for Davie, FL Businesses

Businessman looking at online analyticsOnline advertising can be a daunting task. Red Frog SEO’s Local Listings service addresses the time-consuming dilemma of managing and updating the business information you have stored in countless online data sources such as Yahoo!, Foursquare, and directory websites like SpaFinder.com. This service provides a centralized "Yellow Pages" type location, which allows business owners to "cast a wider marketing net," and drive qualified, local customers to their doorstep.

Taking Ownership Of Your Local Business Directory Submission

In short, Red Frog SEO has created a way to make the process of updating and submitting information to all the local directories quick and easy. Their Local Listings tool condenses and consolidates the otherwise tedious processes of submitting and managing all of a business owners local business listings. This, of course, can free up hours of time for a business owner to be more profitable in other areas.

Although essential for SEO and Geo-targeted search, most business owners simply do not have the time to maintain 60+ online directory listings manually. Our Local Listings service instantaneously scrubs the Internet for all the potential sites your business could and should be listed in and gives you direct access to their benefits within minutes.

It is vital to your business that people in Davie, FL searching for your product or service can find you over your competitors. Red Frog SEO’s Local Search Directory Listings service will make that a reality.

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